About PopVid

We are a group of talented people who love to broadcast the value of brands through video and social sharing. We are writers, motion graphics specialists, production assistants, camera operators, wardrobe and make up professionals, producers, production designers, drone operators, editors, creative directors, casting directors, cinematographers, music directors, visual effects artists, project managers, SEO specialists, lighting directors, photographers, composers, web designers.  It’s the whole package!

We assemble the right team for every project.

We craft a treatment, write a script, crew up, scout locations, cast actors who will proudly represent the brand, shoot, and then shape the footage using an amazing array of technologies into a powerful video brand-ambassador.

When clients need more service, we help them with TV/web media strategy.

And did we mention we work in all the world’s major languages? We do!

Sight, sound, and social sharing are changing the world.

Call us today and let’s talk about your plans.

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