Reenergize Recruitment

You work hard to recruit. You reach out across the world. Students fortunate enough to choose your institution are shepherded carefully and encouraged to blossom. Then it’s graduation time – and a chance for you to reenergize your recruitment plan by capturing student gratitude. Documents of their choices, growth and success appeal strongly to Our Online Senses® and can have a positive impact on your future retention and graduation rates. We have proof. Over 8 years of consistently helping clients recruit thousands of international students. Ask us about these our graduation packages.

May 2016 Columbia Graduation – What Teachers Say

Columbia International College

Parents Share Their Joy at May 2016 Columbia Graduation

Columbia International College

What Parents Say – May 2015 Graduation

Columbia International College

留学生与家长赞誉加拿大最大寄宿中学 (CHINESE)

Columbia International College

May 2017 Columbia Graduation – Valedictory Address

Columbia International College

University of Toronto Registrar: Tremendous Success of CIC Graduates

Columbia International College

Executive Director Speech at May 2017 Graduation

Columbia International College

May 2016 Columbia Graduation – What Students Say

Columbia International College

May 2017 Columbia Graduation – Vote Of Thanks

Columbia International College

University Reps Congratulating CIC Graduates On Their Achievements

Columbia International College

Whole Ceremony Coverage

Multiple cameras under the guidance of our senior producers document every moment from processional and invocation, through valedictory and keynote speech, to diplomas and recessional and the ensuing celebrations! A record of encouraging and congratulatory words, proud reactions, grateful families, and after-party joy captured with attention to detail and delivered into the hands of your talented recruiting experts.

Intimate Testimonials

Close-up and personal on-camera stories of your institution’s winning formula told by graduating students, parents, teachers, distinguished guests, future employers, recruitment agencies and other vital partners. Portraits of thanks handled deftly by our experienced interviewer/ producers.

Exciting Highlights Reels

The peaks of graduation strategically mapped out by our producers, captured by our cinematographers, and compressed by our writers and editors into powerful 1-minute recruiting tools. Moments that touch the internet senses of an audience will also greatly sharpen the toolset of your recruiters and marketers.

Software Premium Items

HD 1080p disks encoded for DVD (region 0-8) or Blu-ray (regions 1,2,3) and MPEG-encoded video on USB drives can be made available to your recruiting and marketing specifications.

Live Ceremony Streaming

Our experienced video streaming producers will enable your institution’s channel, verify functionality, and manage switched multiple cameras. We proactively troubleshoot appropriate lead times, clearances and technical requirements for YouTube:

  • Stream Now automated streaming
  • Events and redundancies for self-controlled streaming
  • Mobile and archiving processes, including post-stream channel settings and privacy
  • Encoder-less Webcam streaming from Chrome browsers.

Or we can broadcast to the world from your mobile device through Facebook Go Live – another valuable tool for engaging followers and reaching potential new recruits.

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