Turn a head. Touch a heart. Share.

It’s what you do. You share. You are an educator. Sharing your school’s gifts on video is what we do. We reveal innumerable facets of the unique experience students will gain. We produce and stream hundreds of educator-centric videos in the world’s major languages. On all major social platforms. Open or regulated.

Keep doing what you do best. And let us do what we do best:
share your gifts with the world. Sight. Sound. Social.

Success Stories

We document life-transforming student stories. We get close to students. Because we look like them, we talk like them and we do the same things they like to do. So they share. Let your successful students share their stories with us, so you can share them and recruit – everywhere.

Graduation Videos

You work hard to recruit. Students fortunate enough to choose your institution are shepherded carefully and encouraged to blossom. Then it’s graduation time – and a chance for you to reenergize your recruitment plan by capturing student gratitude. Documents of their choices, growth and success appeal strongly to our online senses and can have a positive impact on your future retention and graduation rates.

School Events

You provide diverse value-added experiences for your students. You sweat to make your extracurriculars stand out. Our videos help recruitment professionals tell important social interaction stories. We document details the eyes of a student can truly appreciate. Things students will want to share. Special events add a powerful dimension to your curricula. We help you share them.

Admission Campaigns

It's a very different recruitment climate out there. Online has changed the game forever. Now everything is potentially valuable – curriculum, location, management, financing, lifestyle, extracurriculars, and more. Many virtual touchpoints demand a flexible and efficient approach to social marketing video campaigns. An approach Popvid has pioneered.

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